Yes, our country's climate calls for dips in the pool almost all year round. In Spring, Summer, Autumn, New Year's Eve celebrations, Carnival games. So how about thinking about making some innovations in yours?

There's no better time than this, when he won't massacre the kids with the terrible sentence: “Now you can't go to the pool because it's under construction”. Thus, as soon as the first rays of sunlight arrive, and the first appearances of heat, everything will already be in order.

In this article, we give you some suggestions on how you can do your remodeling and give your favorite leisure space a new look.

First, the space will have to be evaluated: the type of land, the type of construction that has already been done, among other factors, which can condition your plans and ideas, but take it easy: the Tecnividro team is here to help you solve those issues and setbacks that may arise!

Start by choosing the format you want: are you going to keep the current one, or are you looking for a total refresh?

The design… it is increasingly common to see swimming pools with a “balcony” on at least one of the fronts, like an aquarium. In properties where the landscape is good, it's really worth it: it gives a different refinement and will do wonders for your inner peace! You will have a full view on at least one side and during the summer you are more likely to get a cooler water temperature.

What are you waiting for? Shall we get to work? Get ahead of busy, hot summer days.